Travel the world on business and want access to the best Golf Courses?

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Want to play some of the Top Golf Courses in the World?

Never at home long enough to justify a golf membership but still want to play some of the worlds top Golf courses – Pacific Links International may have the answer – 300 courses over 32 countries. Pacific Links International, the world’s premier golf network, has seen a significant growth to its number of participating Network Clubs in recent months.

The number of Pacific Links Network Clubs situated across North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and South East Asia has increased by almost 100 properties year-to-date and now totals more than 300 clubs across 32 countries. As a result, a total of approximately 120,000 golfers are now able to enjoy access at some of the world’s finest golfing venues. They will do so to an even greater extent in the future as Pacific Links plans to further expand its affiliate network to encompass 500 properties.


Additionally, as French golf gets set to celebrate its first ever staging of the Ryder Cup in September 2018, PLI has also added eight of Paris’ finest golfing venues to its portfolio through an agreement with UGolf, the No.1 golf facility operator in France, providing further opportunities for members of Network Clubs to experience golf in new and exciting destinations.

These include: Golf du Domaine d’Apremont, Golf du Chateau de Cely, Golf du Chateau de Rochefort, Golf du Chateau de Raray, Golf du Domaine du Coudray, Golf du Domaine de Courson, Golf du Domaine de Bethemont and Golf du Domaine de Feucherolles.

Pacific Links International

“We are delighted with our progress so far in 2018 and look back proudly upon a very fast start to the year,” said Rudy Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Links North America.

 “A number of international partnerships have allowed us to extend new opportunities to the members of Network Clubs to play golf in some of the most exciting destinations worldwide. Our recent growth is testament to the acceptance of our network model among ownership groups and golf club management, and current momentum shows potential for further growth as we continue to add value to their memberships.”


In addition to more than 300 Network Clubs, PLI also provides outstanding golf experiences to its Asia-based membership group which has also seen an increase in 2018. Since January 1 2018, its International Membership has grown by more than 1,500 golfers to reach 13,000, representing growth of 14% in just five months.

As the desire for international travel amongst its high-net-worth membership swells, PLI has increased the size of its 24-hour Travel Department accordingly. In 2017 alone, it organised and escorted 449 groups to almost every corner of the globe, with 4,689 members and guests playing golf in the likes of Spain and Abu Dhabi, experiencing new cultures along the way. Members also set foot on the fairways in Germany and Austria for the first time, whilst others visited Augusta National in Georgia for the 2018 Masters Tournament.


About Pacific Links International

Pacific Links provides members with a premium golf experience through an innovative international membership structure focused on the Asian golfer. Pacific Links offers them access to the finest collection of high quality golf clubs in the world. Since 2012, the Pacific Links Network of Affiliated and Reciprocal clubs has grown to almost 300 properties located in 32 countries around the world. The Pacific Links Golf Network serves a membership base in Asia and the aggregated population of over 120,000 members from participating clubs.  The main feature of a Pacific Links membership is reciprocal access.

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