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TaylorMade Golf Company Formally Unveils GAPR™




Featuring SpeedFoam Technology, New Trio of Products Engineered to Deliver Golfers Maximum Performance to Fill Distance Gaps in Their Long Game

Nearly every golfer has a gapping challenge in the long part of their set; specifically, the difficult-to-manage yardage between the longest playable iron and the shortest metalwood. With a majority of players not comfortable hitting 3, 4 and even 5 irons consistently to precise yardages or with any dependable accuracy and 5, 7 and 9 woods often difficult to control, TaylorMade set out to engineer a line of products that allow golfers to get the distance, carry and control needed to fill these gaps. The result is GAPR, three distinct products which invite golfers to choose their shape, find their distance and bridge their gap.

I cannot wait to test these products and a review will be coming soon. 

Soeed Pocket

In recent years, the majority of hybrid clubs have gradually evolved into extensions of the iron set or simply smaller fairway woods. Few compelling options for golfers to upgrade their hybrids exist unless they purchase them as part of an iron set. On Tour, the number of wood-style hybrids has steadily declined. Players are starting to adopt iron-style utility clubs and driving irons for better control and workability.

In each of the 3 different GAPR models, engineers have incorporated TaylorMade’s innovative SpeedFoam technology, which was first introduced in the globally-successful P790 irons last autumn. SpeedFoam serves the dual purpose of generating ball speed while also dampening vibrations to create optimal sound and feel. SpeedFoam is injected into the club head in liquid form before expanding within the club, providing increased face support while maintaining the soft, solid sound and feel that golfers prefer. Additionally, strategically-placed ultra-low center of gravity in each GAPR model creates a hotter, higher launch for more distance and improved playability.

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