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What is MOI (Moment of Inertia) – forgiveness, distance – yes exactly what we look for in a driver but now available in a Putter! Let’s be honest we all want a putter that bottom line holes more putts!


Founded in 2013, Cure Putters have experienced rapid growth among both amateurs and professionals. With numerous wins on the US Champions Tour including Jerry Kelly’s victory in Augusts’ Boeing Classic and a 6th place then the week after, the putters were created around having an extremely high moment of inertia along with adjustable weight and lie options leading to unparalleled stability and forgiveness.

Main points

The initial goal was to create a more reliable, more forgiving putter that would reduce or eliminate several variables that contribute to putting problems. The putters all encompass the following:

  • Higher MOI: Increased stability, forgiveness and distance control – Achieved by larger face, light weight aircraft aluminium with extreme perimeter weighting allowing for dramatically higher MOI, at any weight setting weight
  • Adjustable Weight : Wider range of weight, from standard to very heavy, allowing you to dial in the perfect feel to suit your stroke and tempo, with MOI increasing as weight is added
  • Adjustable Lie Angle & Interchangeable Shafts: The ability to custom fit any golfer, tall, short, left or right handed in minutes with standard, mid-length, or belly putter.
  • Better Roll:Eliminate backspin and get the ball rolling sooner to stay on the intended line – Achieved by a higher centre of gravity, lower loft, and deeper face that impacts the ball at the equator.

There are two ranges across the brand; the CX range is aimed at lower handicap players and professionals with two blades and a mallet type head whilst the RX range is designed to significantly lower the scores of mid to higher handicap players.

The putters were recently showcased at the British Senior Open and the following players were so impressed they purchased one to play during the tournament, Gary Wolstenholme, Roger Chapman who stated it produced the best roll he had ever seen, Eamonn Darcy, Brendan McGovern and Jean Francois Remesey.

The putters also outperform virtually every other putter on the market when tested with Quintic (A putting analysis software and launch monitor for putters) and other similar software analysis platforms.

The clubs have until now only been available in the US but are now available direct in the UK from

Inside Golf readers can get an exclusive 15% discount with the code insidegolf when making any purchases.

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We tested the range of putters at Beau Desert Golf Club with a mix of golfers – assistant Pro Luke, and a selection of members and visitors. The CX range were definitely the more popular of the two ranges – The RX5 just “felt to big”

Anthony, Michael and Barry (Millride, Roehampton and The Berkshire Golf Clubs respectively) were stopping at Beau as part of a golfing trip heading up North and they certainly liked the putters and once used to the weight and a few amendments from Paul @ Cure Putters were holing a lot of putts.

The Ladies from The Nottinghamshire Golf Club – Steph (was her birthday day out), Alison, Aileen and Bernie enjoyed the fact that you can alter the weight and lie and very quickly you have a custom fitted putter!

Liam – assistant Pro, was holing putts from the minute he found his model CX2, already a good putter he did like the roll and how it felt. Was hard to get him to try others in the range and as much as they got the ball in the hole kept going back to the CX2.

Jason – member of Beau, was more of a fan of the CX3 he liked the way it looked behind the ball and lets be honest if it doesn’t look good you are going to struggle holing putts.

A great morning and once you got used to the sound – it is different to a lot of putters on the market the putters got the ball in the hole. If you can save 2 shots a round by holing more putts or three-putt less – would you be tempted?

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