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“Are you always late for the first tee and still expect to play well?”

“Holy smoke!! How Far did you hit that??” Are you ready to go on the journey?
By Helen Seville – Titleist Trained Fitness Coach

There are no entry requirements, no age or gender restriction just a little effort and some supervised golf-specific fitness we can help everyone gain a few precious yards and hey that may even improve your daily life!
A small fact – 25 out of the top 35 players in the world use a Titleist performance expert – we might not be in that category but as golfers how many times have we said “I need to hit the ball just a little bit further”
Are you a golfer who …………..
Loves to pound their driver on the range


Had numerous lessons with your pro
Tried several different balls with increased spin and distance or on the other hand bought the driver with unparalleled distance and accuracy.
Helens challenge
I would lay a handsome wager that if you use one or all of the above, the gains you will begin to see in your game will be far LESS….. than if I gave you a beaten-up driver and an old range ball but then added 15 minutes of regular golf specific exercise.
Exercise does not give as much street cred as the latest get out of jail driver but it will certainly have your friends puzzled as to how you hit it that extra few yards with the same clubs
We are very close to getting the first self-drive car but unfortunately, the ultra-long self-drive ball is a way off and so until then it’s down to you to think outside the box.
Look, this is the 1st issue and I don’t want to bore you BUT……..
The Golf swing is complicated, stable lower body, hips that can turn, moving the top half while keeping the lower body stable, we can go on. I am passionate about my subject and I make no apologies but working with Inside Golf Magazine we want to try and help you “holy smoke” that next drive with no pain or limitation.

Let’s keep this plain and simple. Whether it’s distance, control when putting, rhymical movement helping your chip and pitch, increased heart and lung function which in turn leads to better mental awareness or stability giving you pain-free movement – fitness is key.
Over the coming issues we will guide you through the basics from warming up,( not just with a bacon bap!) to managing pain or discomfort and improving your ability to play well.

We will begin the yardage gain in next issue – pre-round warm up.
Can’t wait – Email
Call – 07740 783639
Are you always late for the first tee and still expect to play well?
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