Course Reviews

We are here to help the courses as well as the golfers who play. If you are not happy with the review we are more than happy to discuss and come back to do another review. We all have not so good days!

Reviews are important for golfers when planning a golfing trip – finding out what other golfers think of a course, clubhouse etc. Our reviews will evolve as we get feedback on what golfers are wanting.

This Month's Reviewers

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The Boss

Plays off 10 member of Beau
Desert, loves to golf but can't chip!

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Mr Retired

Plays on the UKSGA Tour off a
handicap of 5 and sometimes 6

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Mr Photographer

Always with a camera in hand
playing off 4

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Mr Ex Captain

Plays golf courses for fun and
reviews handicap of 13

Our Scoring System

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Yes, most cars/phones have Sat Nav but there is nothing better for a visitor to the course to see a sign giving them either directional or mileage. Also, a few signs to say the course is coming up 150 yards on the left or right – appreciate it’s not easy and permissions are needed but think about the visitor.

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Welcome Recieved

Incredible how many welcomes you get that are like a script “Good morning – please sign in the visitor book, code for the changing room door is…” Let’s make an effort - these are customers coming into your club, a smile costs nothing. Be sociable they may even buy something!

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Practice Facilities

Appreciate space can be limiting for many but let’s make sure putting green pace is similar to course, nets are maintained but visitors need to know before they arrive what to expect. The local driving range may be worth a stop on the way!

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Yes, the most important part of any golf day and it is what it is sometimes, the good, the bad and the ugly – but a review is a review. Personally, I like Links courses that are not overly manicured and look the part of the land, others like fairway definition we all have our preferences and we can only say what we see. But no excuses for a course that wants a green fee but then can’t mow the tees, water new laid grass or give the course some TLC!

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Club House

How does it feel as a visitor, are you treated as a member, is there a good menu selection, do the members talk to you. We have all been to courses and left saying the course was lovely but the food was overpriced and no one spoke to us. As part of our reviews we will say it how it is – don’t take offense.